Our vision:

We harmonize the way people, technology, and the environment work together.

Our company principles:

  • With our services, we aim to ensure customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. One of our main priorities is ensuring that we offer the best possible service quality. It is our customers who set the benchmark for our work, together with legal provisions and technical standards. We deliver our services with integrity, objectivity and impartiality.
  • All our activities must be conducted correctly from the very start, taking the requirements of environmental protection, occupational safety, and health protection into account. This not only improves quality, but also reduces costs and increases cost effectiveness. Every opportunity is used for the continuous improvement of our management system.
  • Every employee at TÜV Hessen has a unique role in implementing our company principles. Our understanding of quality, environmental protection, occupational safety, and health protection is constantly being improved. Increasing awareness among all staff is therefore a top priority for management. TÜV Hessen represents a cooperative style of management.
  • The quality of our services depends entirely on the qualifications of our staff and the quality of the resources they use. That is why providing initial and advanced training and suitable tools, measuring devices, and inspection equipment is so important to us.
  • Our principles also apply to the internal customer-supplier relationship within TÜV Hessen. They are binding and are implemented and applied in our integrated management system.
  • We attach great importance to professional service quality, when it comes to both internal collaboration and especially in contact with our customers. Our aim is to be the friendliest TÜV in Germany.
  • TÜV Hessen has recognized the importance of environmental awareness and of implementing the requirements of occupational safety, and has incorporated them into our management system. Key goals include:
    • reducing our environmental impact, particularly our energy consumption
    • adhering to applicable statutory regulations and other requirements of environmental protection, occupational safety, and health protection
    • preventing injury and illness of our staff
  • These company principles are familiar to all staff and are publicly available.
  • TÜV Hessen is what is known as a ‘zebra company’ within the TÜV SÜD Group. This means that, unlike single-division GmbHs, we cover multiple operative divisions and support areas ourselves. We use this advantage to constantly enhance our customers’ satisfaction through service packages that offer “all TÜV services from a single source.”