In principle, obtaining proof that you are living without alcohol or drugs is a very simple process: You register with us and receive all the necessary information and documents. We will answer your questions at any time, and you can also arrange appointments at short notice. In short: We are here for you!

Proving abstinence through urin samples

To prove your abstinence using urine tests, sign up to a monitoring program with us that lasts 4, 6, 12 or 15 months. During this period, we will summon you without advance warning and at random intervals to submit a urine sample within 24 hours. Because the appointments for the tests take place very soon after we contact you, you should be available accordingly throughout the entire duration of the program. If the abstinence monitoring program lasts one year, at least six urine samples must be submitted. If it lasts half a year, at least four urine samples must be submitted. We will contact you the day before the urine test via text message. The next day, we will collect a sample of your urine under supervised conditions. The urine sample will then be tested in a laboratory that is specially accredited to perform such tests.

To prove your alcohol abstinence, the urine is tested for the presence of a metabolite of alcohol called ethyl glucuronide (EtG). To prove your drug abstinence, a lab test for detecting what is known as “polytoxic drug use” is carried out. The urine is tested for metabolites of different substances (cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, methadone and possibly buprenorphine, tilidine and tramadol).

If you want to prove your abstinence for an MPA using urine samples, you should start as soon as possible. Sign up to an abstinence monitoring program with us via our simple sign-up process!

Proving abstinence through hair analysis

You can also prove your abstinence using hair samples (hair analysis). For hair samples, it is important to remember that hair grows on average 1 cm per month. To prove alcohol abstinence, hair up to a maximum of 3 cm in length is tested. This means that you can prove alcohol abstinence for the three months before the date each hair sample is collected. To prove drug abstinence, hair up to a maximum of 6 cm in length can also be tested. Therefore, you can prove drug abstinence for up to six months before the date each hair sample is collected.

It is easy to make appointments for providing hair samples at short notice and at any time – just get in touch!

IMPORTANT: Hair must be untreated – i.e., colored or bleached hair cannot be used.

Proving abstinence – make an appointment today

Get in touch with us to make a personal appointment. Use proof of abstinence to prove that you are living a drug and/or alcohol-free life. We can support you in your goal.

At our regular, free information events you will receive in-depth information that describes the course of a medical-psychological assessment and proof of abstinence using urine samples or hair analysis.

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Do I need proof of abstinence for my MPA and for what period of time would it be required?

If you are required to undergo a medical-psychological assessment (MPA) as a result of drug or medication use, a proof of drug abstinence is typically required. Usually, abstinence must be proven for more than one year. In exceptional cases, six months are also sufficient. This depends on how serious your drug use was – if you are unsure, seek professional help to clarify the situation.

If you are required to undergo an MPA as a result of alcohol consumption, a proof of alcohol abstinence is not always required. If you are unable to control your alcohol consumption,a  proof of alcohol abstinence for more than 15 months is a must. If you are unsure whether you can permanently control your alcohol consumption or if you should permanently abstain from drinking alcohol, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with an experienced traffic psychologist or an alcohol counseling center.

Can I also prove that I can control my alcohol consumption?

Have you recognized that your consumption of alcohol is problematic and have changed your drinking patterns? Would you like to prove this for an MPA? By means of a hair analysis using a hair sample of max. 3 cm in length, controlled consumption of alcohol (i.e., consumption that is acceptable from a social and health-related point of view) can be proven for three months in each instance.

You can have the documents for proving abstinence generated at all of our branches in an extremely simple process. Get in touch with us and make an appointment!

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Is proving my abstinence enough to receive a positive MPA assessment?

To put it very clearly: no! If abstinence is required, you must still prove that you are already abstaining from consuming alcohol or using drugs. But this is not enough. After all, the objective is to show that you will also remain abstinent in the future. And because the issue is precisely about the future, you must confront your history of alcohol consumption or drug use and work through the reasons behind it. This is the only way that you can discover what other changes you need to make to ensure that you permanently abstain.


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