TÜV Hessen corporate video

Get a brief overview of the wide range of tasks and activities we perform at TÜV Hessen. Would you like to know more about the company? Click here


The Automotive Test Center at TÜV Hessen

Video on the advanced chassis dynamometer with individually driven rollers. Just one of the many highlights at our Technology and Environment Center in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt.

TÜV Hessen Materials Testing Laboratory

At TÜV Hessen’s Materials Testing Laboratory in Frankfurt, metals and welded seams are tested for reliability, properties, quality and durability.



The OPAL pipeline

Watch the TÜV Hessen video about our testing and inspection activities during the construction of the OPAL pipeline in eastern Germany. The project was supervised by experts from TÜV Hessen.

Our team provides inspection and consulting services for industry, commerce, trade and mining. We also work for the public sector and individuals in the fields of safety and building services engineering. These activities cover inspections of elevators, fire alarm systems, pressurized containers, boilers, high-pressure gas and long-distance pipelines. We also inspect systems that handle flammable or water-polluting substances, safety power supplies, lightning protection systems and much more.