Heating oil tanks

Operators of oil-fueled heating systems are responsible for their heating oil tanks. We inspect your heating oil tank throughout its entire life cycle, from commissioning and periodic inspections up to decommissioning. 



Be it in electrical applications or whole buildings – with regular checks using infrared thermography by TÜV Hessen, you can reliably identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your plant or building. 


Hazardous materials inspections of buildings

Finding hazardous substances in buildings can result in high clean-up and remediation costs or even claims for compensation. We conduct inspections for hazardous substances and advise on any required measures.


Asbestos test

Are you planning a renovation, conversion or refurbishment and are you unsure whether asbestos has been used? With our asbestos test you achieve safety simply, quickly and at a reasonable price.


Hygiene and mold indoors and in workplaces

According to the German Environment Agency, mold and other microorganisms in interior rooms are always classified as hygiene deficiencies. We are happy to help you tackle your problems and advise on any required measures.