Hazardous materials inspections of buildings

Finding hazardous substances in buildings can result in high clean-up and remediation costs or even claims for compensation. We conduct inspections for hazardous substances and advise on any required measures.


Hazardous materials inspections of building interiors

Volatile pollutants may transpire from floor coverings or paint on the walls inside buildings. An inspection for hazardous substances conducted by TÜV Hessen gives you clarity on the situation.


Asbestos and AMF

In addition to asbestos, artificial mineral fibres (KMF) can also be harmful to health. Have your property or materials inspected - we support you in identifying possible sources of pollutants.


Hygiene and mold indoors and in workplaces

According to the German Environment Agency, mold and other microorganisms in interior rooms are always classified as hygiene deficiencies. We are happy to help you tackle your problems and advise on any required measures. 


Waste management

We certify your activities in accordance with the Ordinance on Specialist Waste Management Companies (EfbV) or the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).


Air pollution control

Our experts detect air pollution and support you in achieving your goal: the sustainable assurance of good air quality.


Analysis of contaminated sites

We assess soil, soil air and groundwater for pollutants or evaluate sites with a commercial or industrial usage history for contaminated sites or a possible site-specific contamination potential.