Our services at a glance:

  • Medical examination in accordance with Annex 5.1 of the Fahrerlaubnisverordnung (Driver’s Licensing Ordinance – FeV)
  • Psychological performance test in accordance with Annex 5.2 of the Driver’s Licensing Ordinance (FEV)
  • Eye test in accordance with Annex 6 of the Driver’s Licensing Ordinance (FEV) 


Legal situation

The examinations in accordance with Annexes 5 and 6 of the Driver’s Licensing Ordinance [german = Fahrerlaubnisverordnung (FEV)] for passenger transport drivers (e.g. cab drivers, ambulance drivers, rental car drivers) and truck drivers will help the legislator ensure that the drivers fulfill the special physical and mental performance requirements necessary for the relevant class of driver’s license.

The following principles apply:

  • All holders of a C or CE class driver’s license who acquired a Class 2 license before January 1, 1999 must provide a medical certificate and eye test certificate every five years from their 50th birthday (Annex 5.1 and 6 of the FEV).
  • New C and CE class driver’s licenses (from January 1, 1999) are only valid for five years; their holders must provide these certificates every five years even before their 50th birthday.
  • New holders of C1 and C1E class licenses (from January 1, 1999) receive a temporary license up to their 50th birthday and must then provide medical certificates every five years.
  • Bus drivers (classes D, DE) must also provide medical certificates every five years. After the age of 50, the license bearer is also required to prove his/her ability to fulfill the particular requirements with regards to resilience, orientation skills, concentration, attentiveness and reaction times. Their performance is examined in tests (Annex 5.2 FEV), which are also carried out before the driver receives his/her initial license.
  • The same applies to cab, rental car and ambulance drivers, but with one exception: once the initial license has been issued, the performance evaluation is only required after the age of 60. After this date, an examination is required every 5 years, as for D and DE class license holders.

We work sustainably

With our services, we are contributing toward achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. This service supports the goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.


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