Medical-psychological assessment

What to expect, tips and framework conditions

  • The medical-psychological assessment
  • Free MPA information appointments
  • Frequently asked questions about the MPA
  • Overview of our MPA assessment centers

Find out more about the MPA

Find out more about the MPA

Proof of abstinence

  • Proof of drug or alcohol abstinence
  • Controlled consumption of alcohol
  • Drug screening
  • Medical examinations

More about the Abstinence Check

Medical examinations and assessments

  • Various illnesses can impair your fitness to drive a motor vehicle
  • Get certainty about your fitness to drive
  • (Specialist) medical examination in accordance with Section 11 of the Driver’s Licensing Ordinance (Fahrerlaubnisverordnung – FeV)
  • Doctors with traffic medicine qualifications

More about Medical examinations

More about medical examinations

Professional drivers of heavy goods or passenger vehicles

  • Examinations for professional drivers of heavy goods vehicles
  • Examinations for train operators and professional drivers of passenger vehicles
  • Medical examination as per Annex 5.1 FeV
  • Psychological performance test as per Annex 5.2 FeV
  • Eye test in accordance with Annex 6 FeV

More about examinations for professional drivers

Driver fitness check

  • Driver aptitude assessment
  • Assessment of concentration and reactions
  • Driving behavior observation (FVB)
  • Fitness check for drivers with existing illnesses or for older drivers

Novice drivers

  • Driving aptitude seminar for license points reduction
  • Advanced course for novice drivers in alcohol or drug-related incidents
  • Consultation with a traffic psychologist
  • Course for shortening the suspension period

Driving aptitude seminar

  • Driving aptitude seminar for license points reduction
  • Qualified traffic psychologists and driving instructors
  • Signed certificate of attendance
  • Reduction by up to one license point

Rail transport

  • Stringent requirements for employees operating on railway systems
  • Aptitude assessment in accordance with the Train Driver’s Licensing Ordinance (Triebfahrzeugführerscheinverordnung – TfV)
  • Flagmen and safety personnel must also undergo mandatory examinations
  • Eye and ear exams, urine and blood tests and an ECG