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Free Medical-Psychological Assessment (MPA) information service

Free Medical-Psychological Assessment (MPA) information service

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Medical-Psychological Assessment (MPA)

Driver’s license gone? We will help you on your way to getting your driver’s license back and with all questions regarding the medical-psychological assessment (MPA).

Proof of drug abstinence or alcohol abstinence

No more alcohol and no more drugs - if you want to prove this decision, you can do so with the help of the abstinence checks and drug screenings from TÜV Hessen.

Medical report

Various illnesses can impair or eliminate your ability to operate a motor vehicle. Get certainty about your ability to drive with the medical examinations of TÜV Hessen.

Examinations for professional drivers of trucks and passenger vehicles

The driver’s license for professional drivers is subject to special requirements. You can undergo the required examinations at TÜV Hessen.

Eine Person beim Autofahren bei Tag.

Driver Fitness Check Test

Are you wondering whether you can still drive safely despite a chronic illness or long-term medication? With the driver fitness check from TÜV Hessen, you can clarify your fitness to drive.


Special advanced seminar for novice drivers in alcohol or drug-related

For novice drivers who have had a traffic offense during their probationary period, TÜV Hessen offers a special advanced training course in accordance with § 36 FeV.

Driving aptitude seminar for license points reduction

Up to 5 points in Flensburg (the German driving aptitude register)? With a voluntary driving aptitude seminar at TÜV Hessen, you can reduce one point. If you have 6 or 7 points, participation is also possible, but without a reduction in points.


Medical examination for train drivers (engineers)

The physical and psychological demands on employees in railroad operations are high. We support you with the required fitness tests for train drivers, safety guards (SiPo) and safety supervisors (Sakra).

Assessment of ability to operate an electric wheelchair

You already have a doctor's prescription for an electric wheelchair and your insurance company (e.g. health insurance company) wants to ensure that the use of the motorized vehicle does not pose any risks or dangers for the user or other road users.


Weapons law examination / Weapons law / Weapons Act (WaffG)

You have not yet reached the age of 25 or the authorities have doubts about your suitability as the holder of a firearms license? Then you may be asked to undergo a firearms examination.