Plant testing in accordance with AwSV

TÜV Hessen tests installations used for storing, filling and transshipping as well as pipelines and plants for production, treatment and use, in accordance with the Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water (AwSV).


Plant testing – flammable liquids

We test your installations used for storing, filling and transporting flammable liquids – including electronic testing if required.


Industrial water pollution control

Do you, as a plant operator, use water-polluting substances? Play it safe when it comes to water protection – choose TÜV Hessen. We inspect your plant and check the effluent for oil or grease, mineral oil or residues from other processes.


Training courses for experts in line with the Water Resources Act (WHG)

TÜV Hessen offers both basic and advanced training courses for experts in line with the Water Resources Act (WHG) in cooperation with the TÜV SÜD Academy.


Testing of light liquid separarators

Our experts test oil and gasoline separators. That way, you avoid an unreasonalbe high pollution of your waste water by gasoline, oils and other hydrocarbons. Make your contribution to water protection - together with TÜV Hessen.


Indirect Discharger Ordinance - Oil/grease/light liquid separators

The experts of TÜV Hessen are certified under § 4 of the Indirect Discharger Ordinance of the Federal State of Hesse and can test your wastewater treatment plant. Find out more here.