An A–Z of real estate safety

Elevators & escalators

Elevators and escalators need to be tested regularly to ensure their safety. We offer you comprehensive solutions, from preliminary inspections to periodic testing after commissioning, all from a single source. 


Fire protection

Whether for the planning, construction or operation of plants or buildings – when it comes to fire safety we are happy to offer you our detailed knowledge and assist you in drawing up a suitable fire safety concept.



Air conditioning & ventilation/technical air facilities

HVAC technology plays an important role in building technology. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that covers the entire life cycle of plants – from planning and approval, to installation and operation, up to decommissioning.


Electrical technology

Electrical systems must be properly installed, maintained and regularly inspected. The experts of TÜV Hessen carry out all required tests on electrical systems for you.


Heating oil tanks

Operators of oil-fueled heating systems are responsible for their heating oil tanks. We inspect your heating oil tank throughout its entire life cycle, from commissioning and periodic inspections up to decommissioning. 



Be it in electrical applications or whole buildings – with regular checks using infrared thermography by TÜV Hessen, you can reliably identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your plant or building.


Construction projects

No matter what your construction project is like, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from coordination of applications for construction permits, to construction site monitoring, to refurbishment or demolition.


Hazardous substances and pollutants

Harmful pollutants can crop up anywhere in a building. Stay on the safe side – our experts will check your building for hazardous substances and pollutants and advise you on any measures required.



Whether you are dealing with quality management, environmental management or any other management systems, there are a lot of advantages to having TÜV Hessen as your certification partner.