Construction site monitoring: Noise, vibration and health & safety coordination

Meeting all the construction planning and building permit requirements can be a very complicated process. We offer you a tailor-made package which covers noise, vibration protection and SiGeKo together with all expert monitoring activities.


Coordination of refurbishment, deconstruction and demolition

Many building materials that were once considered harmless are now known to contain hazardous substances. Ensure occupational health and safety: We conduct pollutant analyses and metrological tests for you prior to the refurbishment or demolition of a building. 


Safety coordination on construction sites

TÜV Hessen’s experienced safety engineers and experts handle the safety coordination of your construction project for you to ensure that you fulfill your obligations according to the German Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV).


Noise and vibration protection

Noise and vibration are among the most important environmental and stress factors. TÜV Hessen offers an extensive range of services for noise and vibration protection – tailored to your requirements. 


Cyber Security for Construction Sites

Would you like secure WLAN on the construction site, network access control and secure remote access from the construction site to the office? Your civil engineers and planners use private smartphones for business purposes and promote the trend "Bring your own device" (BYOD) to reveal the weak points of your mobile device management? Would you like to protect yourself against eSpionage, sabotage or data theft in the construction industry? - TÜV Hessen ensures IT security on the construction site.