Our team includes:

  • Mechanical and electronic engineers
  • Environmental engineers, chemists, physicists, geologists, meteorologists and construction engineers
  • Psychologists and medical specialists, as well as experts in countless academic disciplines
  • Technicians in a wide range of careers
  • Commercial and management staff, HR, IT and marketing experts


Basic requirement for technical experts:
The minimum requirement for our certified expert training program is generally a degree from a university or technical college.

Certified expert training program:
We train engineers to become officially certified experts with various authorizations for motor vehicles or in systems engineering. Non-certified staff also have the opportunity to build on their skills and qualifications under the guidance of experienced tutors.

For quality or environmental management auditors, we require a university degree and several years of professional experience, as well as a completed auditor training course.

What we look for in applicants:
For us, it is important that our employees enjoy working with other people. We also look for good organizational skills, IT proficiency and a business mindset. We offer a wide range of internal and external training and development opportunities to help you achieve your potential.


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