Plant fire protection

Plant fire protection is playing an increasingly important role in construction approval for new buildings. We offer a comprehensive service – from consultation right through to testing fire safety installations and equipment. Find out more here. 


Structural fire protection

Structural fire protection covers all structural measures taken to prevent fire breaking out and smoke and fire spreading. Minimize fire hazards and the risk of stoppages and downtime from the outset. Rely on TÜV Hessen from the very beginning of your construction project. We will gladly provide you with a fire protection concept. 


Active principle test for special constructions

How reliably do your safety systems work together? Only together do the systems develop their full effect in an emergency.

Organizational fire protection

Organizational fire protection remains an important safety issue and serves to protect people and property. Be proactive in reducing fire hazards! 



Fire detection and alarm systems

Fire detection and alarm systems protect people and property - but only if they are reliable and effective. Therefore, they must be tested regularly - preferably by the experts from TÜV Hessen.

Fire extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing systems require regular maintenance to ensure they actually work in case of emergency. We inspect your fixed, non-automatic and automatic fire extinguishing systems. Learn more. 


External fire prevention officer

The fire prevention officer plays an important role in your company: Legal regulations, official requirements or risk assessments stipulate that companies must designate a fire safety officer. Thanks to their qualified training, fire safety officers can advise employers on all questions and issues regarding fire protection. Learn more. 


Training for fire and evacuation assistans

Our training for fire protection assistants and evacuation assistants imparts all theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject of fire protection


Emergency power supply and safety lighting

In case of a power failure, the power supply of fire protection systems must be granted. We support you in the planning and construction of these systems during the construction and check if they are effective and operating savely