There are many different reasons why your fitness to drive may be called into question. With the Driver Fitness Check, TÜV Hessen offers you the opportunity to have your fitness to drive checked voluntarily.

Legal situation: There is still no legal obligation to have your fitness to drive checked regularly as you get older. However, every driver is legally obliged to check whether they are able to drive a vehicle safely before every journey. Your treating doctor is also legally obliged to inform you of any potential driving safety concerns and the effects of an illness or long-term medication on your fitness to drive.

We give you peace of mind, are professionally qualified and neutral.

During the driver fitness check, our experienced traffic psychologists use computer-aided test procedures to check areas of so-called "psycho-functional performance" that are relevant to driving. For example, you will be tested on how well you can concentrate and how well you can react. Incidentally, computer skills are not required!

Our psychologists can then use the results to give you individual advice. The assessment by our doctors trained in traffic medicine can also provide clarity on the question of fitness to drive.

And the result remains "between us". We advise you, but do not pass on the test results to your driving license authority or your road traffic licensing authority.

Driving behavior observation

If the performance test results are not sufficient, in many cases a practical driving behavior observation (FVB) can be used to check whether your experience can compensate for physical or mental limitations and whether you are therefore able to participate safely in road traffic.

Such an observation drive is usually arranged by the driving license authority, but it can also be carried out voluntarily as part of a driver fitness check. The drive takes place on a standardized route and includes urban and suburban sections as well as freeway stretches and country roads. It takes a maximum of approx. 60 minutes. After the drive, you will receive feedback from the accompanying traffic psychologist - so you are on the safe side.

The following also applies here: Our psychologists are subject to the statutory duty of confidentiality and treat all information received in strict confidence.

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