We conduct a wide range of measurements for you in the fields of homologation/technical services and emissions/test bench services, both at our Technology and Environment Center (TUZ) in Pfungstadt and at customers’ own test benches around the world. 


Car dealerships / garages

From the classic main inspection (MI) to value assessments and environmental management, we offer our business partners an extensive and exclusive package of services.


Vehicle training center

At our recognized AU (emissions test) training facilities in Grünberg, Limburg und Weilburg, we train you, a vehicle mechanic, in all topics from emissions testing (car, truck, motorcycle) to gas systems (GAP/GSP), air conditioning, and even modern high-voltage electronics in vehicles.


Passenger transport & logistics

Do you do more for safety in passenger transport and logistics than required by law? Have your work certified by TÜV Hessen. 


Driving schools

From online appointments for theory and practical tests to an overview of all license types, you can find all our services for driving schools at a glance here.