We want what you want: Not just so that you get your driver’s license back, but more importantly so that you keep it – permanently.

When will you be required to undergo a medical-psychological assessment (MPA)?

If you commit a serious traffic offense or make multiple mistakes when driving, you can lose your driver’s license for a certain amount of time. Usually, you will have your driver’s license returned to you after this suspension period. Only in rare cases will you have to present a positive medical-psychological assessment report to the driver’s licensing authority after the suspension period has ended before you can get your driver’s license back.

The driver’s licensing authority will generally require you to present a medical-psychological assessment in the following cases:

  • after driving once under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 1.6 per mille or more
  • after driving several times under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of less than 1.6 per mille
  • after driving under the influence of drugs
  • if you have too many points on your license
  • after committing criminal driving offenses such as driving without a license, tailgating or fleeing an accident
  • after criminal offenses that indicate a high potential for aggression (e.g. repeated dangerous bodily harm)


How do you get your driver’s license back?

You can apply for your driver’s license to be reinstated three months before your suspension period ends at the earliest. To do so, you fill out an application for the reinstatement of a revoked driver’s license. The driver’s licensing authority will require you to present a medical-psychological assessment report and will state the reasons for this.

Then, you choose a TÜV Hessen assessment center for driving fitness and inform the driver’s licensing authority of your choice. We are there for you at numerous locations!

You can find a list of TÜV Hessen assessment centers here.

Only then will the driver’s licensing authority send us your driver’s license file. From this point on, we are your direct contact partner. As soon as we have your documents, we will tell you how much the medical-psychological assessment will cost and make an appointment with you.

How much does an MPA cost?

The costs for the MPA depend on the reason for your assessment. Please feel free to contact us directly.

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Your MPA-assessment day with us

On the day of your assessment with us, you can expect

How long does the MPU last?

Make sure you have slept well the night before you visit us and allow for enough time. The entire assessment generally takes three to four hours. If you have any important medical or psychological records, we recommend you bring the original copies of these with you on the day of your assessment.

During the medical examination

During the MPA, our doctors will assess your physical health and psychological well-being. We will discuss your history and any proof of abstinence, if applicable. If your case involves alcohol, we will take a blood sample, or a urine sample in the case of drugs.

Proof of abstinence

Of course, you can also prove your abstinence with us! Find out more about proving abstinence here.


During the computer-aided performance test

The performance test will assess your awareness, concentration and reactions. It is therefore not just a pure reaction test for the MPA.


During the psychological interview

During the interview, we will discuss with you your history and the reasons why the driver’s licensing authority has mandated a medical-psychological assessment (MPA). We look at your case. In this respect, there are no standard MPA questions. Instead, the main focus is on what you have changed in order to avoid such anomalies in the future. This decisive interview is your chance to show the changes you have made. During the interview, you can demonstrate that you have confronted the incident and your behavior in a self-reflective manner, and show which conclusions you have drawn and how you are already implementing countermeasures. We will generally give you some initial feedback at the end of this interview.

What happens after the day of the assessment? Your MPA assessment report!

Once all findings are available, they are summarized for you in a detailed medical-psychological assessment report. We are bound by confidentiality. Therefore, you are the only person who will be sent the assessment report. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the assessment report in a follow-up consultation – free of charge!

Now you have to forward the assessment report to the driver’s licensing authority, which will contact you with its decision.

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Suspension period and preparing for the MPA – use the time you have before the MPA!

Use the time you have in your suspension period and start preparing for the MPA as early as possible. Points to consider: What led to the situation? What problems have I been having and when did they start? What exactly do I need to change and how do I change myself? But good intentions alone are not enough. After all, your goal is not only to get your driver’s license back, but also to keep it – permanently. Moreover, you and your personal history are always at the forefront.

Come to our free information events, where you can ask our experienced assessors everything you want to know!

It is not easy to identify what exactly you need to change and to best go about doing so. Support can help make this task easier.

But this support must be professional and reputable.


How do you know you are receiving reputable professional support?

  • When the focus is all on your personal situation and your personal history that led to your driver’s license being withdrawn.
  • When there is no one-size-fits-all guide for changing your behavior.
  • When it is not simply about memorizing answers or saying what the assessor supposedly wants to hear.
  • When you are not promised that you are guaranteed to pass the MPA.


We work sustainably

With our services, we are contributing toward achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. This service supports the goal of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.


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