Measurement of room climate and thermal comfort

Air conditioning systems in buildings need to undergo an energetic inspection at least once every ten years. We inspect your HVAC systems. 


Air conditioning system, ventilation system

Our services for air conditioning systems cover the entire life cycle – from planning and approval, to installation and operation, to decommissioning. 


Smoke extractors and pressure ventilation

From the planning and design stage through to periodic inspection – TÜV Hessen provides all of the services relating to smoke extraction and ventilation systems. 


Long-term CO measurement in medium-sized and large parking garages

Underground car parks need to be equipped with mechanical ventilation systems. TÜV Hessen offers a full range of services for these – from inspection of the planning to periodic inspection. 


Emergency power supply and emergency lighting

In the event of a power failure, a fire protection system must ensure a continuous power supply. We support you when planning and installing systems of this nature during construction, as well as testing their efficacy and operating safety.


Inspection of building technology installations according to TPrüfVO

Technical installations in buildings must be regularly inspected to ensure that they are fully functional. We will gladly conduct these inspections for you.