Now protected around the world!

TÜV is one of Germany’s best-known brands, as surveys repeatedly show. These three letters stand for safety, reliability and objectivity – something provided by TÜV organizations not only in Germany, but all around the world.

Our clients expect excellent service and verifiable standards. To safeguard this, the TÜV brand may only be used by those companies for whom it is protected. Brands require protection in order to safeguard customer and company interests. As for all other TÜV organizations, TÜV Hessen cooperates with the umbrella association VdTÜV (Association of Technical Inspection Agencies) to preserve and strengthen the TÜV brand.

Trademark protection

The TÜV brand is registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM), and many other trademark offices around the world. This ensures the brand has trademark protection on a virtually global scale. The TÜV brand is the calling card of the TÜV organizations and may only be used by a TÜV organization or subsidiary.


Safety – the core of our brand

Safety is the state of being protected against hazards and is the greatest possible absence of danger. Both safety and danger are relative. Neither are absolute values, but instead describe potentials and possibilities. At TÜV Hessen, this is the aim of our inspections, certificates and consulting activities. Our mission is to detect and minimize potential hazards, and to ensure and certify the greatest possible level of safety. The services we provide today only show their value in the future. The future is an important element of human society. Nothing motivates us more, yet we are still afraid of it. We want to predict things. We want to know how things will be in the future. In particular, we want to know about the risks and dangers that may present themselves. Being able to evaluate them influences our actions like nothing else. We assess our options based on how safe or dangerous they are, and the majority of us almost always choose the safer option. When we talk about safety, we are therefore always talking about the future and thus something new and unknown. If only we had a little more safety, or better still: certainty.

If only?

We have it now,

at least wherever TÜV Hessen is active. We believe in the future, and a better future at that. We know about the potential risks and use this knowledge to provide certainty. That is why anyone who works with us, whether customers, citizens or employees, can look to the future with confidence.

TÜV Hessen – for a certain future

That is how we see our service brand at TÜV Hessen: modern, highly relevant and with a clear promise for our clients. Bring on the future.