The term “homologation” has established itself in the motor vehicle industry as a synonym for “type testing”. Such a test is always necessary when manufacturers of mass-produced vehicles or certain vehicle parts want to place them on the market in the European Union or other markets.

The harmonized framework legal acts applicable in the EU

  • Regulation (EU) No. 2018/858,
  • Regulation (EU) No. 167/2013 and
  • Regulation (EU) No. 168/2013

assign the technical services the main task of checking the approved objects for compliance with the prescribed technical requirements before issuing a type approval.

The type approvals issued on the basis of the tests are also recognized in a large number of other countries around the world. This applies in particular to the non-European contracting states to the so-called “58 Convention” - i.e. those states that apply UN (formerly ECE) regulations with regard to the properties of vehicles and vehicle parts.

Our official designation as a technical service in the EU includes the authorization to carry out official tests on motor vehicles of almost all types on the road, including their trailers, as well as on engines of mobile machines (emissions). With regard to some “non-harmonised” types of special vehicles – in particular self-propelled machines that are not derived from trucks – we also have corresponding recognition in Germany.

However, the work of our experts is not limited to pure testing. Of course, we support our customers in creating the technical documentation (description folder) required for the granting of a type approval and help them to find the optimal path whenever a legal basis allows alternative approval paths. Furthermore, the suggestions and recommendations of our experts are welcomed in many legislative committees - such as future regulations for autonomous driving.

In addition to the sovereign tasks in the EU described, TÜV Hessen offers other services for the conformity of vehicles and vehicle parts. Information about further recognitions can be found here.

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Our most important homologation services at a glance:

  • Examination and preparation
    • of reports European directives and regulations
    • international regulations (UN ECE, TRIAS, FMVSS, etc.)
    • national regulations (StVZO, FZV, StVO, etc.)
  • Project support for manufacturers of vehicles or vehicle parts in the type approval process (worst case selection, description sheets, area of ​​use, etc.)
  • Partial report