We use the data received from you to carry out the requested inspection. We save and use your name and address, the technical data of the inspected property and the inspection date. We also save and use the inspected property's location if it differs from the data provided. We also save your telephone number and email address, insofar as you have provided us with this data. Any data identified as incorrect are corrected. We also use this data to contact you in time before the next inspection is due, both free of charge and non-binding.

If the inspected property is a plant used to treat substances hazardous to water (such as heating oil), we are legally required (§47 para. 3 AwSV) to submit a copy of the inspection report to the respective authorities.

If the inspected property is a plant subject to mandatory monitoring according to Section 3 BetrSichV, we must submit your address, the data of the inspected property and its location to the Federal German “Federal State Plant Register” (Anlagenkataster der Länder) in accordance with federal-state-specific regulations. If necessary, we will send your data to partner companies so that preparatory work can be carried out. We do not pass on your personal data to other third parties.

Your data are only saved for the duration required for legal reasons.

You can obtain information on which of your personal data are saved from TÜV Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH and, under specific conditions, ask for the data to be corrected, erased or restricted.

In addition, you have the legal right to transfer your data to a different controller, as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority responsible for you, if you are of the opinion that the processing of your data is not permissible.

You can contact our data protection officer by email at:


You can access the TÜV Hessen Privacy Policy at https://www.tuev-hessen.de/en/294/privacy-policy/