Main inspection at TÜV Hessen

Near you: Our independent experts will inspect your vehicle in Hesse.

Our tip: Make an appointment online to avoid waiting times. But of course, you can always drop in without an appointment.


What do you need to bring to the main inspection?

  • Vehicle registration (registration certificate, part I)
  • Proof of modification approval, if applicable
  • General operating permit for special accessories (for example alloy wheels), if applicable

Our tip: Place your safety vest, warning triangle and first aid kit on the passenger seat before your appointment.


How is the main inspection, also known as the TÜV inspection, carried out? 

We inspect lights, brakes, tires and wheels, steering, chassis, body, and electrical wiring. You can, of course, watch the inspection up close. Once everything has been completed, our expert will explain the inspection results to you and inform you of any existing or potential future weak points in your vehicle. You will also receive a written inspection report. Please keep this report until the next main inspection. Should your vehicle have any defects, you have one month to remedy them. We will gladly carry out the follow-up inspection for you. The TÜV seal will not be backdated. The next main inspection is due 24 months after the previous successful main inspection.

Is your main inspection due?

Make an appointment for your main inspection at TÜV Hessen now.

Forgot the main inspection? These are the consequences of missing the MI:

If you miss the deadline for the main inspection by more than two months, you must bear the costs of an “extended main inspection”. A fine or points on your license are also potential penalties.

  • MI missed by more than 2 months: Fine: EUR 15
  • MI missed by 4-6 months: Fine: EUR 25
  • MI missed by more than 8 months: Fine: EUR 60 + 1 point on license


When is my vehicle due for the next main inspection (MI)?

For around fifty years, the date for the next MI has been indicated by the round TÜV seal on the vehicle’s rear license plate. The year is shown in the middle of the TÜV seal, while the number at the top shows the month in which the inspection is due.