Questions about the main inspection


How much does the main inspection (MI) cost?

You can find information on fees and prices here.

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What do I need to bring with me to the main inspection?

All you need to bring to your main inspection is the vehicle registration document (registration certificate, part 1) and any certifications for additional components or general type approvals (e.g. for alloy wheels).

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What else do I need to bear in mind when I bring my vehicle for a main inspection?

Please make sure that you have the warning triangle, high-visibility vest and first-aid kit ready for inspection.

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Can I be present at the inspection of my vehicle?

Of course you may watch the inspector during the main inspection. You have the choice whether you want to attend the examination of your vehicle or have a cup of coffee in the waiting area.

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My first aid kit ran out. Where can I quickly get a new one?

If a safety vest is missing in your vehicle or the first-aid box has expired, you are welcome to purchase it from us on site.

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What happens if my vehicle does not get a sticker?

You will receive a detailed test report from us. This lists the defects in your vehicle. Have these repaired by your workshop. You have one month to do this.

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How can I pay?

We accept cash and German debit cards (EC cards). Payment by credit card is not possible. Payment by debit card may not be possible at smaller test centers.

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Can I pay by invoice?

Invoice payment is only possible for business customers who have a customer number with us.

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Do I need an appointment?

You do not need to book an appointment, but doing so can help avoid waiting times and make planning easier. To book an appointment, call +49 (0) 800 27 27 27 0. You can also book online.

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Do I need to come in person as the registered owner?

No. All we need is the vehicle registration document (registration certificate, part 1) and any certifications for additional components or general type approvals. You do not require the written authorization of the registered owner.

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How long can I wait after a main inspection is due?

Technically, not at all. In Germany, cars and motorcycles are due a main inspection every 24 months. If your inspection sticker has expired by more than two months, we have to conduct a more detailed inspection which carries a surcharge of 20%. The inspection or new sticker is not backdated. If your inspection sticker has expired by more than two months and you are stopped by the police, you could be given a penalty or fine and points on your license. An expired inspection sticker can also lead to serious problems if you are involved in an accident. If this happens, your insurer could claim recourse against you.

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My vehicle has just been unregistered but is due a main inspection and I want to re-register it. What do I need to bear in mind?

If you have not reserved a license plate, you must go to the registration office and start the registration process before your main inspection. To do this, you require the electronic insurance certificate number from your insurance provider and your vehicle registration documents (registration certificate, parts I and II). The registration office will then provide you with a new license plate. Once you have received this, you can drive to one of our inspection centers for your main inspection. After your vehicle has passed the inspection, you can take the inspection certificate to complete the registration process. It is not sufficient to reserve the previous license plate. The registration office can grant you a temporary permit if you provide them with your electronic insurance certificate number.

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Is it possible to perform a main inspection abroad on a car that is registered in Germany?

German law forbids officially certified inspection organizations from carrying out the main inspection abroad (Section 29 of the German Road Traffic Approval Order). If the vehicle is abroad only temporarily, however, and the deadline for the next inspection expires during this time (Section 29 of the German Road Traffic Approval Order), the vehicle is not subject to the regulatory obligations while it is abroad. The expiry can only become a problem when the vehicle re-enters Germany. In order to satisfy the regulatory obligations once the vehicle is back in Germany, you must bring it for a main inspection as soon as possible. You need not fear any penalties if you observe this obligation, unless the condition of the vehicle requires it to be decommissioned immediately (e.g. dangerous defects).

It is worth noting that international traffic authorities also understand German inspection stickers, and can take corresponding measures in line with local regulations if these have expired. If the inspection sticker has been expired for a longer period, local authorities may assume that the vehicle is in the country permanently. As a result, the vehicle and its registered driver would have to be registered in the respective country.

When you return to Germany, you can drive to any officially recognized inspection organization in the country for the main inspection. Inspections are not limited to the area in which the vehicle is registered. Some car insurance providers require a valid main inspection sticker as a condition for providing insurance. Please contact your car insurance provider for more information.

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Questions about main inspections for RVs and travel trailers

What do I need to bear in mind if I bring my RV for a main inspection and gas check (checking the gas system for leaks as per G607)?

The gas check is required every two years in order for a main inspection sticker to be issued. The gas check is not a condition for issuing a main inspection sticker for RVs and travel trailers. If your vehicle has components that must be replaced every ten years (gas regulator, gas hoses, stopcocks), please check in advance that these have been replaced to avoid delays to the gas check and main inspection.

In addition, we require the manufacturer’s initial certification document. The gas bottle must also be filled. The standard requirements for the main inspection of cars also apply. Please bring your vehicle registration document, and do not forget the warning triangle, high-visibility vest and first aid kit.

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What do I need to bear in mind when I bring my travel trailer for a main inspection?

The gas check is not a condition for issuing a main inspection sticker for travel trailers. If the trailer has a gas system however, the gas check must be carried out on time. Many campsites also require certification of a successful gas check for safety reasons.

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Questions about the main inspection and trailers

Can my trailer be loaded when I bring it for the main inspection?

It generally does not matter whether your vehicle is loaded or not when you bring it for the main inspection. Vehicles with a high loaded/unloaded weight ratio (such as boat trailers with a permitted total weight of up to 3.5 metric tons without boat, semitrailers without attachments and container trailers without container) can be inspected when unloaded. However, it may be necessary to simulate a load in order to verify the minimum deceleration.
Trailers with overrun brakes should be brought with a certain load, as experience shows that it is otherwise difficult to ascertain brake performance reliably.

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Questions about the inspection report and vehicle registration document

Do I need to have the inspection report in the vehicle at all times?

No, it is not necessary to keep the inspection report in the vehicle. However, you must keep the inspection report until the next main inspection and be able to present it upon request – at a later date if necessary.

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I have lost my inspection report. What can I do?

If your main inspection was performed by TÜV Hessen, you can request a copy of your inspection report from us. This copy may only be issued to the person who was the registered owner at the time of the inspection. We therefore recommend that you come to one of our TÜV Hessen service centers in person. Alternatively, we can also send a copy of your inspection report to your local registration office. Simply call us on +49 (0) 800 27 27 27 0.
If there has been a change of registered keeper in this time, we require evidence of this (e.g. contract of sale or re-registration). We do not require this evidence if the inspection report is sent directly to the respective registration office.

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Questions about registering modifications and tuning

Do you have questions about registering modifications and tuning?

It is difficult to provide comprehensive answers for all questions here. Please visit us in person and we will be glad to help you. Here you can find an overview of TÜV Hessen service centers. In order to provide information, we require the vehicle registration documents.

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