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The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) has applied to all operators of major technical installations since 2013 and is intended to ensure a high level of health and environmental protection throughout the EU. At the same time, it counteracts competitive disadvantages in the EU through different emission standards, approval and monitoring practices. The new regulations apply to plants in the following sectors and services that require approval:

  • Energy sector
  • Metal production and processing
  • Mineral oil production and processing
  • Chemical sector
  • Intensive livestock farming
  • Surface treatment with organic solvents
  • Waste treatment (including industrial sewage treatment plants and landfills)


Our services for you

  • Preparation of an initial status report
  • Identification and evaluation of operational environmental risks
  • Data research on soil and groundwater contamination at the site (including history of use)
  • soil and groundwater testing
  • Expert monitoring of restructuring and removal measures
  • Support regarding the implementation of “best available techniques”
  • Support regarding the preparation of a licence application
  • Support in selecting and installing suitable emission measurement systems
  • Preparation of reports on noise and vibration protection
  • Preparation of reports on air pollution control
  • Support regarding your information and reporting obligations
  • Support in plant monitoring by the authority
  • Taking on monitoring tasks as “representative” of licensing authority (§ 52 (1) Satz 2 BImSchG)
  • Evaluation of plant safety by expert according to § 29a BImSchG (Bundesimmisionsschutzgesetz)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

This service contributes to the following goals for sustainable development:

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