By using the expediting service by TÜV Hessen, you can ensure that important deadlines of your project are met. We also check your deliveries for integrity and completeness. In addition, we also issue loading certificates (pre-loading survey). This quality control helps you avoid any contractual penalties and protects you against potential warranty claims.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Deadline monitoring and supplier inspections by an independent controller
  • Global deadline and quality controls to ensure that the agreed deadlines are met
  • Avoidance of contractual penalties
  • Neutral, impartial and accredited certificate (third-party inspection) recognized by notaries
  • Prevention of warranty claims
  • TÜV Hessen seal ensures clear identification of components, etc.

Each expediting order is concluded with a certificate. As TÜV Hessen is partially owned by the state of Hesse, our certificates enjoy great credibility in many countries. TÜV Hessen Expediting Certificates are becoming increasingly required documents forming part of an accreditation.

Reach milestones

Our expediting services can help you reach the milestones agreed between manufacturer and foreign or domestic customers. TÜV Hessen certificates can be recognized by notaries. The number of companies choosing expediting as a “milestone” for a project is increasing all the time.