Either at the supplier’s premises (pre-shipment inspection), or at the destination (post-shipment inspection), we inspect your goods before they are loaded or shipped. This ensures smooth and correct delivery of your goods. With this service, TÜV Hessen helps banks and trading companies meet official regulations. We confirm the buyer’s specifications and check the volume and value of imported and exported goods. In doing so, we operate in accordance with WTO (World Trade Organization) rules. 


TÜV Hessen PSI – benefits for you:

  • Global quality and schedule control: Meet your deadlines and avoid contractual penalties
  • Neutral, impartial and accredited certificate (third-party inspection) recognized by notaries
  • TÜV Hessen seal ensures clear identification of components, etc.
  • Simplified customs processing with sealed shipping boxes
  • Creation of country-specific certificates for quality verification/alignment of standards
  • Price comparisons
  • External supply chain monitoring
  • As TÜV Hessen is partially owned by the state of Hesse, our certificates enjoy greater credibility among state banks/buyers, for example in eastern Europe
  • Greater efficiency for trading companies
  • Reduced risks 
  • Required guarantee for banks
  • PSI certificate recognized by notaries

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

This service contributes to the following goals for sustainable development:

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