Free Medical-Psychological Assessment information service

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MPU report

There are many different reasons why the licensing authorities may mandate an MPU – for example due to conspicuous behavior under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other serious conspicuous behavior while operating a motor vehicle.

The medical-psychological assessment consists of the following three parts:

  • Psychological-functional performance test (test of perception and reaction skills)
  • Medical examination
  • Psychological assessment interview


Our services in detail:

  • Free information events on MPUs at the assessment centers
  • Conducting personal MPU assessments
  • Summarizing the results in the MPU report
  • Abstinence checks and drug screenings that can be used in the MPU
  • Free appointment to discuss issues regarding the report

Do you have any further questions concerning the medical-psychological assessment? Then call us or write to us. 

Why the MPU is not an “idiot test”...


... because our doctors do not examine idiots, but rather people who have lost their driver’s license or whose fitness to drive has been questioned due to personal difficulties. We distance ourselves from this widespread and derogatory description in every regard. You will certainly not be asked to stack balls here. On the contrary, we want to work with you to assess whether you recognize your problematic behavior and have changed it sufficiently to get your driver’s license back – and keep it in future!

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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