Our engine dynamometer is an essential tool for the development and certification of engines and emissions-related components. Thanks to its equipment, it provides wide-ranging testing options, whether for small truck engines, mobile machines or ship engines. We are experienced in monitoring and conducting projects for type testing, emissions testing and certification in accordance with national and international directives and standards.


Our services:

  • Type testing of engines for
    • commercial vehicles
    • mobile machines
    • stationary machines
    • ships
    • trains (rail)
  • Certification of components and systems
    • retrofitted parts
    • DPF, SCR, catalytic converters
    • CNG, LPG, dual fuel
    • fuel additives, oils and emulsions
  • Measurements
    • pollutant emissions
    • engine power and fuel consumption
    • customer-specific tasks
  • CoP inspections


Equipment and measuring technology (selection)

  • AVL DynoRoad 604Sx dynamometer
    • 660 kW, 4600 Nm, 4200 rpm
    • transient in four-quadrant operation
  • Emission measuring technology
    • Euro 6 compliant, Japan, CFR 1065
    • one AMA i60 R2/1 line, modally undiluted
    • duplicate CLD & FID for NO, NOx or CH4 & THC
    • N2O analyzer
    • AMA i60 LDD NH3
    • Smart Sampler 472 partial flow dilution system
    • APC 489, particle counter including conditioning
    • Opacimeter 439, smoke number 415SE, Lambdameter LA4
  • Fuel consumption measurement technology
    • AVL FuelExact


The accreditation of the Automotive Test Center means that the measurement results determined are suitable for national and international approvals.

Do you have any questions about our services relating to engine dynamometers? Get in touch! We look forward to working with you.