The dynamometer is and always will be the standard tool for developing and certifying motor vehicles. That is why the wheels are always turning in the Technology and Environment Center and the engines run almost around the clock. Motorcycles complete endurance runs, while pre-production cars are put through their paces on road driving simulations. Complete with high-tech peripherals, our cutting-edge dynamometers provide almost unlimited options for testing vehicles or vehicle components and measuring emissions and standard consumption.


Here are just a few of our services:

  • Type testing of new vehicles
  • Measurements
    • real road driving simulations
    • vehicle pollutant emissions
    • evaporative emissions
    • vehicle fuel and energy consumption
  • CoP (Conformity of Production) inspections
  • Inspections of…
    • motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles (conventional and alternative drives)
    • emissions
    • standard consumption


Equipment (selection)

  • Dynamometer, all-wheel-drive single-roller test bench (48 inch), for wheelbases from 1,800 - 4,400 mm (from Smart cars to Mercedes-Benz Sprinters in length)
  • Single-axle dynamometer, suitable for applications including robot-operated endurance tests, motorcycles and cars
  • Soak area (conditioning) for up to 20 vehicles
  • Emissions measuring system AVL CVS i60, diluted modal and bag analysis


The accreditation of the Technology and Environment Center means that the measurement results determined are suitable for national and international approvals.

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Do you have any further questions about our dynamometer? Get in touch! We look forward to working with you.