The TÜV Hessen Begutachtungsstellen für Fahreignung (TÜV Hessen assessment centers for fitness to drive), at which the medical-psychological assessments take place, regularly host MPU information events.


As part of the event, you will receive in-depth information on how the medical-psychological assessment works (duration of the examination, contents, organizational framework) and an initial overview of the possible costs. As these events are generally hosted by one of our psychologists, who also act as assessors, they give you the opportunity to pose general questions directly to the respective experts.

This also means that you can meet one of our assessors at an event. You will discover that a lot of things you have heard about the MPU are just hearsay and that you do not need to be nervous about the process. Just so you know, you won’t have to stack balls or do a handstand here.

We have listed all the dates and locations of the free information events below:

For more detailed information on the MPU you can read our collection of FAQs.

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TÜV Hessen informs customers due to the current situation: We offer again our free MPU information events at some assessment points. Please observe the measures and rules of conduct explained here.